The Rivers

St. Lawrence & Ottawa Rivers Muskie Charter

Pat Briere holding up muskie in boat

The St. Lawrence River

St Lawrence River image

The St. Lawrence River is a massive and quite impressing river, this river is quite challenging as it has very strong water currents and is deeper an wider  than  your average North American river. There are various charming villages that you will be able to find along the St Lawrence River valley but they tend to be spread further apart which makes for an excellent isolated and serene day out on the water. This truly spectacular river is world renowned. It is about 775 miles long and flows freshwater that derives from the Great lakes until it reaches its drop off point in the Atlantic Ocean. There are dozens of small islands that can be found all throughout the St. Lawrence River.  The St. Lawrence River has been blessed with many species of fish here is a few species:  Muskie, Walleye, Bass, and Pike.

We can accommodate the needs of all anglers.  From casting, trolling, shallow, deep, at a tournament pace, at a crawl, from beginner to seasoned professional.   We will strive to make your trip everything you want it to be, with a 100% fish catch in the boat or your next trip is on us. Fishing in the St. Lawrence River is most definitely going to be a fun and wild experience. The challenge it poses is certainly one of its highlights among others. Anglers go purely for the experience while others are interested in the “Big” catches from these waters. Other fishermen enjoy the panoramic beauty and tranquility that this immense river has to offer.

St Lawrence River Map

The Ottawa River

The Ottawa River Image

The Ottawa River stretches 120 miles and offers an amazing habitat for any fresh water spices. With underwater structure that contains, cabbage weed, coon weed, top water arrow heads and weed lines of eel grass, with wood stumps and rock piles structure are abundant. The Ottawa River has miles of break lines and deep water edges to fish. Water colorations may change from the copper coloration of tea in the morning to the puddles of mud after a good rain fall.  Off in the distance are the beautiful Laurentian Mountains and farm lands in the foreground, offering a nice scenic view during your fishing trip. The Ottawa River is a true trophy fishery with plenty of quality fish. Canada’s long winding Ottawa River, which largely defines the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, represents one of the last fisheries with a natural reproducing musky population.  Aggressive freshwater muskellunge with their razor sharp teeth and violent strikes present the ultimate challenge for many freshwater anglers. As the old saying goes, it takes 10,000 casts to land a Muskie.

Ottawa River Map